Ten ways to make your wedding memorable!

Ten ways to make your wedding memorable!

Weddings are so much more than those ‘on trend’ touches because trends don’t have much to do with how much you have waited for it. Choose personalised details for your weddings because it’s once in a lifetime event for you and your loved ones! Often, it’s not the trends that capture the hearts of guests, but the special moments and the individual details.

Let us share with you ten unique ideas to make your wedding memorable!

  1. Write your own Vows:

Make your vows personalised and special by writing it yourself. Say the things you always want to tell your partner to make them feel special.

  1. Involve the whole Family – Pets included:

Organise a photoshoot with each member of your family, including your pets. Get every moment captured while having best wishes from guests.

  1. Think about your Guests:

Make your wedding more interesting by arranging some customised, engaging activities for your guest. This will kick the boredom out of your wedding.

  1. Speech session including Bride and Groom:

Organise a speech session for Bride and Groom as well to express the pleasure and emotions on their big day.

  1. Get Creative:

Get some unique ideas to enjoy your wedding, either withholding a ring warmth or placing a photo booth or even signing an autograph diary by guests. This will add an extra star to your wedding.

  1. Take time to choose Songs that mean something to both of you:

Some songs are not just songs for people. They are emotions, memories, lyrics to express and music to fall in love again. Choose the right one for your special day and re-live your journey.

  1. Document the Getting Ready Moments:

Treasure each memory of the day starting from getting ready to sign off the day. Because that is the time which is never going to come back. So, capture every bit of it to embrace it later in life.

  1. Enjoy a Couple’s Photo Session after the ceremony:

Take some time alone with each other and capture it with love and pure romance. Give your partner the best start of their life with you by celebrating your pleasure with them.

  1. Don’t be afraid to break the Fashion Rules:

Don’t ignore your inner voice. If you both don’t like the traditional rules to follow, don’t go for them. Set your own wedding trend by inspiring and encouraging upcoming couples.

  1. Show your Love for the Environment:

Add a touch of an eco-friendly element to your wedding and give a social message to every guest. Weddings are the best platforms to showcase a good cause.