10 Years of Wedding Cake Evolution 2008-2018

Like just every aspect of wedding detail, wedding cakes have also undergone some significant changes since 2008. In this article, we took a look at cake trends over the last ten years from elaborate, detailed and story-driven cakes to the whimsical, artistic interpretations that guide today’s geode and metallic wedding cakes. Let’s see how wedding […]


Don’t we all wait to see the beautifully designed wedding cake at a wedding? Yes, we do! Well, we usually see the same old school styled wedding cakes with flowers and pearls on them. This look of the wedding cake has become a tradition. We agree to the fact that these wedding cakes do look […]


At a wedding, we all love the wedding cake. The beautifully decorated and elegantly styled wedding cake is the centre of attention among the guests. Every wedding must have the loveliest and the most richly flavoured cake to bring a spark of magic to a wedding. The cake selecting journey starts with the tastings in […]