Zero Waste Weddings for 2019

Following the GO GREEN campaign worldwide, many couples are saying “I do” to Zero-Waste weddings. To protect the environment, they are focusing on sustainability for everything from floral design and invitations to dresses and food. The ultimate goal is to recycle, reuse, compost and keep anything from becoming trash. Whether or not couples succeed in […]


Your wedding day is the day when you would want to look perfect… It’s not an interview, but hey, its the most important day of your life. You have completed shopping for your suit and you’re probably done buying your shoes. When it comes to accessories, you want to choose the ones that look unique […]


After buying the rings and booking the honeymoon, now you’ve got to focus on your personal grooming because you are the groom and all eyes will be on you and on your bride. The photographers would want to catch your attention on your big day and you wouldn’t want to be pictured as an ugly […]