A Mother, a wife, a fashion icon – Duchess of Cambridge Kate’s many roles have got us wondering how she manages to do it. Despite her many ‘hats’ and a job that involves non-stop public appearances with lots of travel, Kate’s figure has remained toned and athletic along with the flawless beauty she has. Here, we discover the beauty and fitness rules she swears by for a perfect regal figure and healthy looking skin.


  • Kate’s fitness is the result of her dedication to sports and regular workouts.
  • Kate has achieved her incredible 29-pound weight loss with a low-carb diet, running, walking, yoga and circuit training workouts before her big day.
  • Kate follows a diet plan that is high in protein and low in carb, also known as “French diet”.
  • She wears a hat or a fascinator, and with it, she wears her long and lose perfect hairs which makes her look jaw-droppingly beautiful.
  • Kate took lessons from renowned beauty artist “Arabella Preston”, a few weeks before her wedding, and the lessons learnt then are serving till now.
  • It has said that her hairs are a bit curly naturally. However, Kate doesn’t forget to maintain healthy hair with normal blow drying at home.
  • She keeps her hair healthy by preventing split ends or rough ends, as she trims it at regular intervals of six weeks.
  • Kate indulges in once-in-a-month facial regularly at her salon.
  • Kate is also said to enjoy the occasional bee sting or bee venom facial as well.
  • Kate starts her daily beauty routine with a professional cleanser.
  • She never fails to moisturise her skin with organic products before going to bed.
  • Kate prefers darker or smoky eye makeup and balances the look with a neutral lip colour.
  • She doesn’t prefer doll-like thin eyebrows, she keeps them looking naturally thick but in shape.
  • The way she has lost her baby fat thrice in just about three months of delivery with super workouts, dance and yoga along with a super balanced diet are very inspiring.

Her motto is simple,

“Enjoy eating food that nourishes your body and eats in moderations. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself!”