The bread maker is an exemplary emerging social firm operating in Aberdeen city; a commercially focused enterprise producing high quality bread and confectionery. The bread maker’s social aim is to provide a range of meaningful employment, training, educational opportunities and social activities to adults with learning disabilities with a purpose of integration into the community.

The ethos of the bread maker is that of fully supporting and enabling apprentices to work in a realistic and dynamic setting, offering a stimulating an positive experience to each individual, valuing and recognising their contribution and input as a team player within a thriving bespoke business.

The apprenticeship scheme offers 20 adults with learning disabilities a range of work experience and job opportunities within a dedicated bakery unit and welcoming coffee house. Additionally they are supported to fully participate in the life of the city and engage in a range of social activities and learning opportunities out-with their job requirements. A continuous personal development programme ensures that everyone has the opportunity to maximise their own potential to become a fully active member of society valued for their abilities, skills and experience.


Our Address:

50-52, Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen, AB25 1NT


57.14817726052942, -2.1086990216974755