Zero Waste Weddings for 2019

Following the GO GREEN campaign worldwide, many couples are saying “I do” to Zero-Waste weddings. To protect the environment, they are focusing on sustainability for everything from floral design and invitations to dresses and food. The ultimate goal is to recycle, reuse, compost and keep anything from becoming trash. Whether or not couples succeed in […]

10 Years of Wedding Cake Evolution 2008-2018

Like just every aspect of wedding detail, wedding cakes have also undergone some significant changes since 2008. In this article, we took a look at cake trends over the last ten years from elaborate, detailed and story-driven cakes to the whimsical, artistic interpretations that guide today’s geode and metallic wedding cakes. Let’s see how wedding […]

Redditors share the biggest regret of their wedding day

A wedding is said to be one of the most awaited and most important days of anyone’s life. There are months, even years of planning required to ensure that everything goes perfectly on that big day. Below, we have complied Reddit shares of people for the biggest regrets of their wedding day. “I really wish […]


Throwing a bridal shower is a fun and exciting way to celebrate your best girl’s upcoming marriage. With the right preparations and a touch of creativity, you can plan an unforgettable party for your bride-to-be. We’ve put together some ideas for you to help you make your party a hit. Pretty in Pink You can […]