Vogue Wedding Dress Trends for 2019!

Vogue Wedding Dress Trends for 2019!


In the world of weddings, the changes in trends from season to season can be quite slow, and certain things like crystal-covered gowns, enormous ball skirts and veils always seem to be in demand.

Bridal dresses are only occasionally influenced by the runways, where the clothes are meant to reflect real lives. Moreover, bridal tends to be about fantasy like a Cinderella wedding.

Vogue designers have introduced some extraordinary trends that are expected to get viral in 2019. Including playful feathered embellishments to colourful dresses. Since royal weddings tend to influence the bridal market, they are seeing long-sleeved lace gowns like the one Kate Middleton wore in 2011 to be on fire along with a few nods to Meghan Markle’s sculptural, minimalist Givenchy gown.

Other predicted significant trends include shorter dresses with a ’60s vibe that show off the bride’s legs and ’70s-inspired kaftans for a flawless vide.

Check out these seven recommended by Vogue designers for 2019 to choose from.

Statement Sleeves 



The Caftan












Short dress