Ten ways to make your wedding memorable!

Weddings are so much more than those ‘on trend’ touches because trends don’t have much to do with how much you have waited for it. Choose personalised details for your weddings because it’s once in a lifetime event for you and your loved ones! Often, it’s not the trends that capture the hearts of guests, […]

Things Your Wedding Supplier Wants You To Know

We work hard to showcase the creative and hard-working suppliers through our directory because we believe they are amazing at what they do. In this article, we have summarised 15 things they love you to know! To make sure you take notes so that you can sit back and get relaxed from the very moment […]


The Wedding day is a very important day for the bride and the groom. The couple dresses up in their finery and walks down the aisle hand in hand. Every bride goes through many grooming procedures before the wedding. Grooms like to look perfect on their wedding day too. To get that clean and perfect […]